Tea Infuser Stick

Tea Infuser Stick

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Brew your perfect cup of tea with a Tea Infuser Stick 

This Tea Infuser Stick is the perfect tool for tea-lovers everywhere. Made from durable stainless steel, it has an easy-to-use design that allows you to steep your favorite loose-leaf teas with ease. The infuser fits most mugs, cups, and pots, so it can be used anywhere. With its slim profile this stick is portable, enjoy a cup of fresh tea wherever you are.

  • Ability to steep tea quickly and easily
  • Convenient single serving size
  • Fits into narrow mugs or teapots
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Made of stainless steel to stay rust free
  • Compact design allows for convenient storage when not in use

How to use

1. Hold and open the mouth. 

2. Place loose-leaf tea inside.

3. Close the mouth.

4. Place in cup or teapot and pour water. 

Made by Life of Cha based in Warwick Farm, NSW.

This infuser is ready to send next business day upon placing order.

About Life of Cha

Life of Cha is an Australian-based company offering organic and premium grade teas to enhance your health and positivity - the natural way!

To truly be healthy involves maintaining our physical, mental and emotional well-being. It ultimately comes down to how we feel. When we feel better, we become focused and have energy to enjoy life again. In the fast-paced world we live in today, especially trying to keep up with the latest breakthrough diet or fitness program, it can often leave us feeling tired and inadequate. We believe health and fitness is important, but it is all about balance and moderation. Everyone goes through ups and downs but taking a moment to relax, have fun and appreciate our current state is sometimes the wiser option.

This why our teas are focused on your personal life experiences. Whether you are in need of an energizing lift, hydration after an intense workout or want to feel radiant after a stressful day, our teas are an excellent source of natural antioxidants and vitamins to help you feel revitalized. Our products are 100% premium and natural using only high-grade loose-leaf teas. It's not a fad or trend, it's a lifestyle...Welcome to the Life of Cha!

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