Dark Pink

Dark Pink

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Add a special touch with a ribbon.

Our ribbon can wrap any sized gift that you purchase. When you select this luxurious double-sided 38mm satin ribbon it will be used to compliment your selected gift. 

This item is purchased as 1 item, per gift purchased.

Examples below.

(A gift-basket full of product purchased for 1 gift and a purchase of 1 item of ribbon will be wrapped as 1 gift). 

(If you have purchased several products and purchased 1 item of ribbon, gifts will be bundled together and wrapped as 1 gift).

(If you have purchased 3 products and purchased 3 items of ribbon, 3 gifts will be wrapped separately.)

Instructions to Create Your Own Gift:

Step 1: Select your products for gifting.

Step 2: Select a Gift Wrapping from the 'Create Your Own Gift' - 'Wrapping' -The choices are Clear Cellophane or Brown Kraft Paper. 

Step 3: Select a Ribbon Colour from the 'Create Your Own' - 'Ribbon' - Choose your colour or colours.

Step 4: Select a card from the 'Create Your Own Gift' - 'Cards'. (If you would like to add one or more).

Step 5: If you would like us to write a message for you, please put your message in the 'Comments' section when placing your order. As well as any other communication with us.

Note: If you are unsure about any product or its size that you would like to purchase etc,  just send us a direct message via our Instagram or Facebook page and we can help you xx

This gift will be ready to send on the next business day upon placing order. 

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