Pink & Purple Retro Face Mask with Ear Elastic
Pink & Purple Retro Face Mask with Ear Elastic

Pink & Purple Retro Face Mask with Ear Elastic

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Our Tween Face Mask with Ear elastic is made and ready to send.

Suitable for up to 12 years approx. Measures approximately 13cm in height and 19cm in width. 

Our reusable face masks are an all in one face mask. The elastic wraps around the ears with adjustable elastic for more flexibility and comfort.

Ear elastic masks can be altered by undoing the knot and fitting to the size that you require, knot and cut off the extra elastic leftover. For comfort you then slide the knot around so it is not at the back of your ear.

Our masks are reusable and washable, simply wear them for the required amount of time and throw them in your washing machine and hang out to dry in the sun.

3 layer mask - made with 100% cotton on front and back, with a woven interface inside. It is designed to cover from the top of your nose to under your chin and both sides of your face.

*Disclaimer* Our face masks are not medically graded. Advise not to wear for excessive amounts of time. Wear when out in public conditions, getting essentials etc, to prevent touching of your face, breathing upon others, droplet spread, for the good of public safety, a preventative measure. Placing a mask on is done at your own discretion in regard to public safety.

The requirement of the mask is to be fitted, to fit over your nose, chin to cheek and mouth area with room to breathe. Please choose a bigger size if you feel you would like more room in your mask.

As this item is for covid-19 conditions, they cannot be exchanged, making them a non-returnable item. Therefore this makes them a not refundable item. Please choose sizes carefully.