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Coconut Bowl
Coconut Bowl

Coconut Bowl

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Try our eco natural coconut bowl that is vegan, eco-friendly and ethically made.

The new go to smoothie bowl made from natural coconut shell feels and looks amazing.
These new eco-friendly bowls and spoons help to make your Instagram food creations worthy whilst you are supporting sustainability and our environment.

They are made by extracting the coconut meat and water. Then cleaned and sealed with coconut oil. Each bowl is handmade and coated with NOVA37 extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil to ensure the shell is closed. It has been polished and the bottom of the shell has been smoothed. No bowl will be exactly the same size or shape as they are a natural product made individually from a different coconuts. 

Each set includes: 1 Coconut bowl and 1 spoon and 4 silicone rings to place your bowl stably on the table. Diameter is apparox 13cm, height is approx 5cm.

Care Instructions: Do not heat the bowl. Do not use in the microwave, oven or dishwasher. This will cause the shape to deform.

This bowl is ready to send on next business day upon placing order.

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