Denim Dark Bow Clip

Denim Dark Bow Clip

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Bows glorious bows .. clip up hair with this cute bow clip

Our handmade bow clip is so cute. Made from premium denim cotton print fabric approx 9cm wide and 6cm long.
It can be worn on either side of your head, above a ponytail or bun or simply wherever you would like to put it.
Some buy them for their pets to keep fur out of the way whilst eating or simply just for the cuteness value.
To swap the bow for the other side (to keep bow in the right direction) simply remove the alligator clip and slip it back onto the opposite side. 

Care Instructions Before washing remove the alligator clip from the fabric bow, then place bow in a delicates bag (so it doesn't get lost). Machine wash on a cold cycle, then air dry.

Made and ready to send on next business day.