Darcey Baby Gift Box
Darcey Baby Gift Box
Darcey Baby Gift Box

Darcey Baby Gift Box

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Our Darcey custom box of love is made for a baby boy to use day to day as he grows.

Includes our beautiful handmade super-soft thick warm 'Collective by Jaim' premium flannelette wrap/blanket made from 100% cotton.

Our handmade reusable 'Collective by Jaim' nursery wipes that are perfect to take on the go, just add water and wipe away mess, take home, wash and reuse. 

Change time with boys can be challenging, our handmade reusable 'Collective By Jaim' wee teepees are perfect for baby boys whilst changing nappies, pop it on and you are wee free and clean, simply wash and reuse.

Our  'Collective by Jaim'  bibs keep babies' clothes dry with triple layers. They are extremely absorbent and soft against the skin. With the variation of 4 neck sizes, they grow as the baby grows too.

Handmade by us at Collective By Jaim (as in photos), comes with free shipping, sent on next business day upon ordering.

If you would like to purchase a card to go with it - head over to our 'For gifting section'. Select your card. Put your message in the 'comments' section on your order.  We will then handwrite your message for your gift. 

Care: Please ensure children are always under adult supervision whilst using all of these products. All 'Collective by Jaim' handmade products are made by us and should be washed before using, machine wash, air dry, if ironing -do not iron vegan leather label.